The Book of Lines, A 21st Century View of the IChing the Chinese Book of Changes: Human Design : Discover the Person You Were Born To Be (Volume 2)

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An essential Human Design Companion Book and IChing Oracle. In 1967, the first I’Ching book, The Book of Changes, was published in English. The Book of Changes detailed the 64 hexagrams from the Chinese I’Ching in great detail, giving the Western world powerful insights into the archetype of humanity In 1987, a new science of personal discovery, Human Design, was conceived : Human Design. Human Design is a synthesis ancient wisdom traditions including Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra system and the Judaic Kaballah, and two modern sciences : neutrino physics and an understanding of the human genetic code. Human Design gives us an extraordinary in-depth understanding of the possibilities for mankind, particularly in these changing times. In his new book, The Book of Lines, Chetan Parkyn, a Human Design teacher and practitioner for over 22 years, shares a modern day explanation of the Chinese I’Ching as it relates to Human Design, and also as a standalone version of the IChing…in clear, straightforward language. The Book of Lines is a 21st century view of the I’Ching and gives the reader a deep and practical way to understand who they are, how they are energetically configured, and the power they naturally carry and share with the world. This modern-day, easy-to-understand manual is an important companion guide for anyone who uses the Chinese I’Ching and Human Design.

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